Friday, January 15, 2010

Old Yeezy Interview w/Sway

If nothing else, im able to empathize with Kanye musically. He often says what i want to get out but i don't quite have the platform. I've talked to my partner KT and we have these intellectual music conversations and i feel as if Yeezy sits in on them. There is a lot of music that i don't like (a and a measure that i do like) and its often contingent on the music principles that are missing or present and Kanye kinda touches on some these things. And most hip hop artist aren't even familiar with some of the music terms he uses like syncopation So kick back and listen to me speak via Kanye.

Colt .88

GQ is really delivering this year, but im not referring to fashion in the least bit. I read another article that blew my socks off, about former great Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison. The article chronicles the timeline and peruses the details surrounding a North Philly murder that seems to have Harrison's vestige all over it.

Ardent and even some loosely involved sports fans will recall Marvin Harrison as a very quiet and robotic individual, never said much to the media, and now we know to include his teammates among the shunned. A small excerpt reads "...through all this, his teammates claimed they didn't know him in the slightest. "He's like Batman," linebacker Cato June told Sports Illustrated." By most accounts he was a very tidy man and kept things in order as one should. But back in home in North Philly things got sloppy quite fast between Harrison and local drug dealers and childhood rivals. I won't divulge the story but its a fascinating lesson for some and a melancholy reminder for others of how ones upbringing and environment can haunt them. Unfortunate upbringings can be sticky webs to get out of and this is the epitome of that.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Game Brain

This is an article published in the October issue of GQ Magazine that i found captivating. Its a bit longer than most web articles but i was so engrossed i didn't even notice. You can read the article here to be well informed as you continue reading what will ensue.

The NFL has been very reluctant to succumb to novel research that suggest their players are at an extremely high risk of dementia and other related problems that can affect players immediately after their playing days. Including their insidious attempts to have scientific articles removed from publications. The NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry that has thrived for so long on the insatiable appetite of fans to see the violent collisions and incredible velocity that they can't or won't attempt to do themselves. The NFL works like insurance companies when it comes to distributing money to former players for disability. They give the most egregiously disabled retirees the minimum amount of money, when in fact they deserved the maximum. All in all, the subtext reads "we are worried about our profits and not the players". Putting money into cures would seem advantageous but that hasn't been the strategy. It looks like strides are being made but the NFL has put this off for so long they may end up with a larger fight then they intended initially. This should be interesting to follow.

Props to Common for putting this up on his blog, (that's how i found it)