Monday, September 10, 2007

Commentary on Black America


This is a picture that i received in an email with the accompanying paragraph:
"This is a sad commentary on black men in America. The men in this photo have a combined wealth of over $40 million. Yet they look like they're posing for a high school yearbook photo. 40-year-old-men should dress more age appropriate to set an example for the young black youth. Especially when so many black fathers are incarcerated or absent."
Lets dissect this commentary along with the corresponding photo. First it comments on how much money these men have combined, however at least 50% of that is in Jay-z's region of the pie chart. People have yet to realize that money does not give any individual wisdom, knowledge, or humility. You can give money to anyone but that alone does not change them as a person.
Next the individual compares this picture to a high school photo. That is a stretch as well, if you look at actually look at the photo the oldest one, Jay-z is just standing straight up, pretty simple right? Jeezy is leaning in a little to fit in the frame, nothing high school about that, just common picture etiquette. Now Slick Pulla looks a bit high schoolish, the pants low and the hat cocked, and Scrappy looks a little tough but guess what, those guys aren't that old still in their twenties. In the commentary it says they should dress more age appropriate and i shall take that as a stone at Jay-z because he really is the only one close to forty years old (and there really is nothing wrong with what they are wearing but that is to be discussed later). Jay-z has on a regular t-shirt and some regular jeans. His shirt is not a 3x or a long tee, it fits him and same for the pants. What's wrong with that for crying out loud. For the record just because you are approaching forty years old does not restrict your dress code to dockers or suits.
The point i would like to most fervently make is "man makes the clothes, clothes dont make the man". People get so caught up on the insignificant properties of life. These guys are just hanging out at some local event. Its not a board meeting or church, heck they are not even at work. They can wear their leisure clothes if they want and that's what they feel comfortable in, the clothes are clean trust me! What makes wearing one thing right and wearing something else wrong if that's what someone feels comfortable in then let them be! Maybe i feel a little close to this situation because i have seen people judge people based on their style of dress, then when they finally meet them they think that they are one of the best people they ever met. Well i will just come out and say it, it has happened to me plenty of times! There, you have it! This one man told me before "you're way different then i thought you were, you are a very bright young man with a good head on your shoulders". He thought i was some stereotypical black guy because when he saw me i looked rather urban. Now i would have you know I have multiple looks in my closet and that just so happened to be what i had on that day. I say all that to say this, stop judging people, PEOPLE!
And on the subject of role models that's a wholeeeeeeee different can of worms, all im gon' say is people in the community need to step up (father, neighbor, uncle, grandparent, mother, whoever). Im out, im bout to go buy some more t-shirts and sneakers! HOLLA!