Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's in your Cuban?

Hello... Hello... Okay, Im glad you're still there, I couldn't hear you for a second. Im still here as well.

Back to live action. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently admitted on a sports radio show that he has smoked weed before. Cuban did not go into detail about his use but his admission was in defense of his all-star forward Josh Howard. He was prompted by Dan Patrick, formerly of ESPN, who asked, "do you care if he [Howard] smokes pot"? Cuban replied that he would be a hypocrite if he said yes. I guess its reassuring to know that smoking weed doesn't stop you from earning billions. However on the business side of things i don't think Cuban would be wrong if he cared. Im almost certain that when Cuban puffed he wasn't required to be in tip-top shape and his lungs weren't tied to fourth quarter like light bulbs are to darkness. Although Cuban says that he believed Howard had not done so during the season, he still needs to look into it no matter how small he perceives it to be (he does pay this guy millions).

Since im on this subject; granted smoking weed is illegal is it really something that should be? From my personal accounts as the third person perspective the people i have observed don't appear to be to detrimental to society when mentally dusted. If you ask me (and only if) alcohol appears to wreak more havoc than weed does. Hey, Im just saying...doesn't weed cure glaucoma?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What you nervous about?

I was just reminded of this so it is slightly past due, but not really. The NFL draft just passed and during the time leading up to the draft plenty of players are interviewed and participate in national television appearances. Most of the potential players that are publicized are relatively sure-fire 1st round pics and maybe an early 2nd rounder.

I am confused as to why the players always talk about how nervous they are and things of that nature. How can you be nervous when you are CERTAINLY going to be selected on the first day of the draft. One of the reoccuring questions is "what if you slip back from maybe a 5th pick to like a 20th pick". I don't think it matters if you slip back 15 slots because you are still getting an opportunity to live out your dream. Approaching situations humbly is usually the way to go. These players just need to be grateful that they are in this situation and not be worried about where they are selected, just as long as you are selected. When selected you are going to be making exponentially more money than you were prior to, so why sweat it?

The main thing is you have to work hard in order to retain your position anyway, there have been some high draft selections that did not bloom and were bounced from the league within maybe three years, and on the contrary you can be selected in the late rounds and forge a path and nice career for yourself.

I guess the guys feel how they feel but i find it rather awkward for the fortunate to be worrying about matters so trivial. ( I had to use my LSU guy as the picture, time to get busy Dorsey)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Funny Money

What is this nation doing? In an attempt to save some cheese many corporations and organizations (24 on the aol list) are closing doors, closing shops, or cutting back. Among the companies named some of the more recognizable were: Home Depot, Starbucks, Sprint, CompUSA, Macy's, Lane Bryant, Kripy Kreme, Sharper Image, and Rite Aid. Most of these are just losing stores and employees, but there were a couple on the list that filed for bankruptcy or bankruptcy protection.

This could be a start but the leaders of these companies have to make better decisions. It seems as if everyday somebody is closing something. However chew on this, the average CEO salary according to a graph by is $613,826. The average figure for an individual in the retail sales division is $24,000. To be completely candid about this topic, there is a notion that retail sales is a relatively easy position to replace. However, I actually think the same can be said for the CEO position, granted there aren't that many. There are plenty of company executives that harbor the necessary thought processes to make sound company decisions, but there is only one per company so the numbers don't weigh the same. The average CEO tenure is about five years now, a sharp decline from ten.

But the question that i am trying to arouse here is, are CEO's worth that much more than some of the more populous positions. If this were the founder or entreprenuer that started the company than i would not have anything to say because they bore that risk and start up cost and it was their life on the line. But the CEO's are often not that. They should definately be paid well but that is a pretty big disparity. I have a hunch that the brain trust running the companies are not adjusting well to changing methods, technology, and processes. The people who should get paid are the people who do research because that's what these companies need in order to figure out how to make better decisions.

The point is, those in charge need to use some savvy business acumen to make it work. I hope it gets better but the money in the in country is tight. Hope you don't have to borrow a dollar anytime soon.

Running for your life

Excuse the brevity because this isn't my fortay. The question i pose is, why after the Kentucky Derby did they have to kill the horse (eight belles) that broke his two front ankles, and on the track at that. Like i said i do not know alot about horse physical therapy but i suppose there could have been some sort of horse cast they could have given the philly, right? I do know that he needs to be able to walk but im sure with modern technology and money they could manufacture something. Or did they have to kill her because the horse could no longer be a race horse and make money, I don't know, im just throwing that out there. Oh yeah, and here comes PETA...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Regularly Random Scheduled Health Update

I want everyone to reach into the medicine cabinet and grab an aspirin. It seems like everyday they find a new benefit of the over-the-counter "wonder drug". I have heard the people that swear by aspirin. In yet another report, the National Cancer Institute reveals that an aspirin a day can reduce breast cancer in women by 16%.

They say aspirin can reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and cardiovascular related deaths. It is also used to reduce pain and inflammation. Aspirin slows the progression of colon cancer and can prevent some cancers from occurring at all and the same goes for dementia. This is phenomenal for such an inexpensive OTC. All this can be done with a low-dose aspirin. With all this good stuff floating around i did a little more research.

From the tablets of the highly regarded UofM health room here is some cautionary advice. A. Mark Fendrick M.D. noted "Although taking aspirin leads to a wealth of potential health benefits for adults, people should realize that even a baby aspirin is not free of dangerous side effects,Therefore, in my opinion, aspirin should not be taken on a daily basis without first discussing it with your health care provider". One of the trade offs is the increasing susceptibility to a bleeding ulcer. The level of protection in the stomach is decreased and can lead to a perforated ulcer or bleeding in the GI tract. They also note that thousands of people die each year from complications with aspirin and other NSAID's (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug).

You learn when you read this blog, huh? Im just here to educate. Remember, the more you know, the more you grow.