Sunday, November 22, 2009

Biking: The new Skateboarding

I stole this from "Skateboard P" who stole this from Vashtie and im sure she stole this from her friend. The dude on the bike is ridiculous! I owned many bikes when i was a young'n and couldn't do half of what this maniac is doing. MY FAVORITE VIDEO of the 2nd half of 09!

Shoe Update: Cyclope x Veja

Its been a while since i've done a shoe update, so here we go. I particularly like these for women; i think its a crafty change from the basics with a familiar feel. If you are dedicated and dilligent enough you can find these. This is a collaboration from Parisian shop Cyclope (i wonder if any of my friends can read their site) and shoe brand Veja. If you enjoy them that much get to emailing and phoning or skype'ing the good folks in Paris.

Glass Speaker System

Im not going to spend too much time talking about this speaker system because the price is un-explainable. Just thought it would be cool to see and maybe you'll get some ideas.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


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Sean Hannity Uses Glenn Beck's Protest Footage
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"Watch what you watchin Fox feeding us toxins, stop sleepin start thiking outside the box and unplug from the matrix doctrine" -Nas. Fox News has taken it upon themselves to conjure up footage from a previous demonstration in an effort to present to the public an exuberant rally. When walking the thin line of opinionated programming you should reserve some measure of dignity by not falsifying your material.

How can Fox or its proponents be mad when BO (Barack Obama) suggests that members of the American public refrain from watching their network? In my most humble Joe Wilson voice "You lie". Actually there is a purpose for right-wing programming and that purpose has to be executed in a punctilious manner. As the country debates different topics and strategizes which ways are best, you actually need someone to oppose and play devil's advocate, although i do not believe they are playing. But the golden rule is you have to be truthful in your stance, no prevaricating, feel free to extrapolate outcomes, but do not deceive. I do not have granite facts to back this up but, i feel as if we get a lot of tampered information sprinkled in amidst the honest information and that is demoralizing.

Now even more unsettling is that the leadership at the network allowed that footage to be used. Even if they didn't I haven't heard any executives or leaders saying "hey we made a mistake, or we botched that one". I would imagine that someone would want to at least portray the idea that they genuinely care about honest reporting and the American public. Perhaps I need to make some calls and say something...

I am really led to believe Barack when he speaks about uniting parties and ending the practice of "playing politics", it appears all too often. Its so asinine and blatant that we have terms like "filibuster" "filibustering" used in Congress and the Senate, those terms were actually in my 6th grade book, c'mon people?! So far he appears to be a man intent on getting things done for the American people, not trying to do favors for the sponsors or keeping the perception that the democrats are in control right now. He wants opinions and suggestions from everybody. I am optimistic that one day we can travel a better path, however in the meantime we have mess like this...which is a pretty big deal if you ask me.