Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Woman's Work

I'm having a problem, but the good thing is I am looking for help. As a result of my personal fashion pride i found myself in a conversation that suggested the lion's share of the adult male population cannot dress well, however that is not how the conversation started. It was recently explained to me that most women dress their men [when in a relationship] - if I was the one being dressed it would probably make me self-conscious - and women generally think nothing of it because it's a role they've accepted as commonplace. Hours later I found another lady friend and she suggested the opposite, so I'm curious to know where the rest of the world lies on this teeter-totter. Now when i say "dress", it doesn't mean that they literally put the clothes on the man's body [although that would count too] but it suggests that the woman buys/picks out the majority of their wardrobe and options. A couple of bullet points as we move forward; 1. I don't know if i believe most women dress their men, 2. If so, do women consider it a task [something that takes deliberate effort], and 3. Why would a woman pick a man that she has to dress?

 Let's explore the theory that most women do indeed dress their man; there are people called "stylists" who are often paid a handsome ransom for that profession, therefore i consider that a job. Now I can bake chicken but that doesn't make me Gordon Ramsay. I don't see how it got to the point where this wouldn't be considered a job, it's laborious finding the size, the fit, and the bargain. Is this something that women have become largely immune to?

 Although fashion is subjective let's simplify it and say that everyone's style falls into one of three categories: good, better, and best [no negative words like "bad" will be used]. Are we then implying that in any of the three categories the woman usually dresses better than the man, i.e. a better dressing woman will always dress better than a better dressing man; or are we saying that a man is rarely above the "good" category? Although my world is smaller than the average rapper's humility gene i would like to think most of my male friends or associates have at least a sense of direction when it comes to coordinating their clothing.

 Lastly, why would a woman pick a man that she has to dress [I promise this part isn't a shallow inquiry]? Why not pick a gentleman whose style you fancy, seems like it would save you a few hours of browsing [more time for manicures]? And science tells us that the male species is a primarily visual gender, not the female so why then does it seem the women are more concerned with visual appearance than the guy? As you can see I've found quite a bit of consternation in this subject, however it really just boils down to understanding more about the world around the 'Sofa.