Sunday, January 20, 2008


When is it ever good to copy? When is it a good time to copy? There appears to be a double standard in effect. Companies are duplicating other brands and designs that have already hit the market. As I was thumbing through the Vibe magazine the other day i noticed a pair of Fila sneakers that looked exactly like some Prada sneakers that have been around for an extended amount of time. Why do companies do this? They seem to be able to get away with such plagiarism if their product costs significantly less money, no one cares because they are no threat. However, that's still not right.

Why don't companies hire anyone with ingenuity anymore. Matter of fact if you are creative your services are at a premium (that's an insider tip). If someone worked for my company and presented me with a product that looked exactly like another companies product i would fire them just for bringing the spirit of copy cat into the building. I know when i was in school we got in trouble for cheating off someone else's paper or in college they use the fancy word, its called plagiarism. Someone please help me understand the rationale behind this. Ladies think of when Minolo Blahnik came out with the boots that look like timberlands and then Steve Madden made some just like it, or what about all these companies that duplicate the Gucci print and Coach print. If you just so happen to be into those kind of things wouldn't you want the best and not the inferior reproduction.

Maybe the competitive spirit is gone in America. Im about to start stealing other people articles, because im a writer and its easier that way. PSYCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My articles are better anyway.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Endorse or Remorse?

These are pieces from a fashion show in Milan, I believe they are all from the Prada winter collection. The two pieces in the middle i find pretty amazing, however the others are questionable. As they say it is a thin line between GENIUS and INSANITY. But i bet you could be really warm in the bottom left outfit, hahahaha.

God is not playin!

This is a story from the New York Times. Check the research. I don't think God is in favor of what folk are doing out here

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Buyer's Wanted

Check out the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Indices

I was shocked (barely) to see that of all these markets Detroit has the lowest housing prices, the average I believe was indicated at approximately $120,000. Its pretty weird to look at a place like Chicago and see how much their houses are going for and they are right up the road, they are at approx. $170,000. Now Miami is at $275,000 and that's a whole different market. Detroit is like the old veteran in the NBA and his name sounds good, everybody recognizes him, and it seems like a good idea to have him on your team but in actuality he can't play anymore. Its like having Chris Webber on the Pistons in 2007, oh wait that actually happened, oops. This is not fact but if you ask someone in Charlotte or any other city what they think of Detroit they are going to say motor city, car industry, or auto mecca, something along those lines. Well that would have been a good answer about 10 years ago but that might not hold much water today. A little further research indicates that you can have your pick at a myriad of houses going for around $75,000 and I am no expert but that seems a little low, some cars are more than that. Don't everyone rush to your nearest real estate agent at once, there are plenty of houses to go around for sale.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Since Martin just had a birthday, here are a few things i thought of throughout the day, take it how you want...

Things to Ponder:

1. Why is every Martin Luther King blvd, ave, or street unkept and in the less desirable area no matter what city you are in?

2. Why doesnt Malcolm get a day?

3. Don't you think Martin would suggest we do something other than go to banquets and eat on his birthday?

4. Why don't they implement the Rooney rule (look it up) for everyday corporations and not just the NFL?

5. When was the last time there was a legitimate march?

-Sneaker Intermission-

Its my blog so i can put what i want on it! These shoes are hard to get, they are from the Nike Pigeon series and if you run across them let me know. Matter of fact as much as i love shoes im surprised im just now putting some one here. Whatever, skip this if you want but im just going to put some more shoes up later.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

As it continues to rain....

Is it possible to be banned from strip clubs because if there is such a restriction it needs to be imposed on Adam "Pacman" Jones. And you have to be pretty bad to be banned from a place like that. He has returned from vacation back home to the newspapers once again, this time for allegedly striking a woman at a "shake joint". Now if you can recall he has already been suspended from the NFL for 1 year stemming from multiple law violations, which he has now served. One of his more famous escapedes includes a shooting at a Las Vegas strip club during the NBA's All Star weekend in 2007. If you have time you can look up his remarkable track record.

This makes me want to pull my hair out and wax my legs. Here is a man with an opportunity that many men would give up all they have to be in his shoes, but he just does not get it. What is the mentality of Pacman Jones. He had a job in the NFL living his dream and making a yacht load of money (he had a good contract because he was a stand out player) only to jepordize it time after time. If he is not reinstated in the NFL he only has himself to blame. In America, the land of opportunity some people have more options than others, Pacman does not come from the most positve or affluent of backgrounds and you would think that he would appreciate where he is now, but obviously he does not. I've heard the rhetoric that says a grown man can go where he choses and i am also familiar with the antithesis urging athletes to stay out of places like nightclubs and i understand both sides, you can choose your own preference. The problem is the decision making. If you have worked extremely hard your whole life to get your dream job why would you do something to put that at risk. Initially it was no problem to be in various night spots because no problems had occured and nobody knew what you were doing and nobody cared as long as you came to work. But now you have had problems in these places along with others and you are on probation because of it. Is it then too much to ask to stay out of the strip club while you are on probation. Is it that difficult to refrain at least until you get your job back. Sometimes people need to think about the what-if's and whether its worth it or not. You could easily go and nothing could happen but you could also go and something could precipitate (that was a joke because he is famous for "making it rain"), and in the aftermath you are left to wonder, "dang was it really worth it"? However here is the kicker, HE STRUCK THE WOMAN (allegedly)! So he brought it upon himself. There are also safety reasons to stay out of places like that especially with the recent deaths and shootings of other athletes. Another point that has to be made is that he has enough money to bring whatever strippers he wants to his own abode without the other folks. But maybe then he can't show off to other people how much money has, if that is the mindset, I don't know im just saying. There are other ways to do this if you MUST see strippers. People need to think of consequences when they are doing whatever it is they choose to do and ask themselves is it worth it. There were times I wouldn't park at my friends apartment complex due to the fact that i might get towed, though it was highly unlikely. I would rather walk the extra steps than worry about my car and pay the massive amount of money should they happen to tow it. Why park there when i can alleviate that problem squarely.

So basically all i want to know is, IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?

Mr. Fox, Mr. Fox what time is it?

This is one of my favorite watches right now. I have a yellow one. These watches are so cool to me. The brand is Nooka. The dots represent the hours and the horizontal bars beneath are the minutes. The designer was inspired by the lack of methods used to demonstrate time. Maybe i think the watches are cool because other people cannot tell time on them when i show it to them. I always laugh on the inside when people see my watch and they say "how do you know what time it is", unless my grandma ask me, then i better tell her what time it is or problems could ensue because she is not trying to learn all that MESS! I suggest you get one as well so you can chuckle as well when people ask you what time it is. Just stick your arm out and laugh!
P.S. If you are reading this then i can no longer laugh at you because now you are in the know.