Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The End of the World is Coming...

Unless you vote for me in the model contest. [Daily] For those unfamiliar the website is one of the largest online streetwear retailers. This is your opportunity to have me wearing all those shirts and pants in the men's section of Karmaloop. I've actually been a rep for them for quite some time.

Here is what you have to do:
You have to go this Facebook link and then it is going to ask you to like the "Karmaloop" page...which is okay, there is no harm in that. After that it will allow you to vote for me. Now here's the really important information....YOU CAN VOTE EVERY 24 HOURS. I know you don't want to remember that everyday, and that's why i'll remind you, either on Facebook or Twitter.

The process is pretty painless. But the point is this should be fun, AND WE HAVE TO BEAT THESE FOLKS FROM OTHER CITIES, and heaven forbid someone from Toronto win! We can't let the Drake effect happen twice!
uncle sam needs help

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Rook Brand

I try not to prognosticate success but, what a brand! Sometimes you can see what makes people special in less time than it takes to make rice, minute rice. I went into a trance the entire duration of the video and that's how i knew it was worth sharing. This is a video about the Rook Brand which is built by two gentleman, one of them, the artist Joe King, has worked with several brands that were already known to me although he wasn't. Some of the popular ones you may be able to reference include, Crooks and Castles, Billabong, Obey, and Freshjive. However the point of this post is i like the concentration of the brand, they take a lot of cues from subcultures and eclectic brands, that resonated with me because i consider my self to be - by nature - a subculture product with mainstream versatility, and i'm sure that would be ideal for their brand. To be able to have subculture respect usually indicates authenticity, keeping that while simultaneously influencing mainstream is so rare i would stop just short of calling it divine. Hopefully you can now better visualize what i saw when i watched this video, aside from the awesomely startling art and presentation.