Friday, August 17, 2007


So here's the word; Have you ever wondered how people from other countries operate in a nation without speaking the language. I know that there are certain sectors and reigons in the country which they speak other languages. Subcultures do exist, ok got it! However, I live in Michigan and trust me the only language they speak here is english and maybe general motors.

There is a company that handles the cleaning duties at my workplace but they do not speak english. Recently one of the ladies tried to buy a dvd player. This is where it gets interesting. Her debit card from her bank had just expired and they issued her a new one. She hands over the old debit card but of course, it would not go through. So I tried to tell her the card does not work. Have you ever found yourself speaking slower to someone that didn't understand you, thats what i did but i realized it doesnt matter how fast or slow i speak they don't know the words period. Whether i sound them out or spit them out like an auctioneer, THEY DON'T KNOW THE WORDS! It gets worse, they have been in Michigan for at least 5 Years and don't know a lick of English. Look im only going to help you if you meet me halfway. I will say this though, the gentleman who runs the operation can speak a little bit of english or just enough to say "I'll work". Can you imagine going to Bangledesh and trying to get by without speaking the lingo, forget about it! By the way why doesn't America have an official language? Im sorry they need to stop trying to accommodate everyone. I love spanish, it sounds beautiful but that's not the language over here. And if you come here don't expect me to speak dutch or portuguese. Its a beautiful thing to speak multiple languages and i want to do it myself. But if you're not making an honest effort to communicate with me, then you on your own, GOOD LUCK! I just find it fascinating, how do you tell them what show you want to see at the movies, heck you can't even answer paper or plastic at the grocery store. The worse part about this story is that i can't even say this to the people that need to hear it because they don't speak my language!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

That's a bad taste

Alright, im trying to get a grip but VH1 is getting out of hand! So first it's "the surreal life", then comes "strange love", then at the summit its "flavor of love". Vh1 really made a mountain out of the mole hill named Flavor Flav.

Do you realize they are trying to create an empire off the merit of Flavor flav! (He wasn't even a real rapper in the first place, he was a hype man)

I'm writing this due to the recent announcement that there is a "Flavor of Love 3" on the way. Are you serious? When does it end? People must thoroughly enjoy seeing folks make a fool of themselves. Ok VH1, i can give you the first season, it was fresh and new. You rode the popularity of Flav as you should. But jokes do get old. While im at it, women is this really how you compete for your men. To the lucky ones that have dodged this mess and don't know what i am talking about i'll sum it up. All these women live in a house together, Flav dates them all, kisses most of them in the mouth, lays in the bed with a few, and dismisses them one by one until there is only one left. If you have ever seen the guy you would know this is all a joke. Cause if they really like this man, then no woman should ever be able to tell me "no". I just think its amazing what people will do for fame. I could possibly give this show some credence if it was done tastefully, but its not so that's out the window.

With all that said, VH1 has "Rock of Love" which i suppose is the country spin-off. "I love New York" is the women's version. Then VH1 had "Charm School" which recycled some of the people from Flavor of Love. When do people get enough of putting people in house together and watching them fight. Its just ignorant (maybe that's why people like it). Wake me up when they start putting civil people back on television.
Honarable mention: College Hill, Tyra Banks show

Friday, August 3, 2007

One dog doesn’t stop the show
(Warning: This could be eye opening)

With all of the cards and feelings on the table it is now time to re-evaluate the saga that is Michael Vick. The man that has made a bigger impact on this nation in one month by being indicted on dog fighting charges than he has in six years playing quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Whoever knew such a heinous act could affect so many people, but should it? Vick’s pending Falcon teammates have had to dodge questions about a man that they have no control over, the dog fighting practice has been made into a black or white issue, and they have even reached for the hip-hop cop out. When does the pendulum swing back to Michael Vick?
Since the emergence of these charges there have been organizations such as PETA protesting Vick’s presence in the league and position in the Falcons organization. If convicted, Vick deserves all of the legal punishment handed down but until then he has the right to work and earn a living. Don’t misunderstand the point here, it does look bad for Vick but we cannot be so quick to condemn people and strip them of their rights. It is a different scenario if the Falcons decide that Vick isn’t prepared enough for game days due to his trial responsibilities and feel he isn’t up to par to lead that team. Then by all means sit him down and put in another worker (he cannot be fired due to contract). Now take a moment to put the shoe on the other foot. Let’s imagine Vick is able to come to work and plays better than ever at a phenomenal level and ends up not guilty in the court of law. Would it be right then to say “sorry Mike, have a nice day”, no it would not. Look at the Duke University students who were ostracized by the community and that turned out to be an egregious mistake. As people we have feelings and we often reason with them instead of reasoning with logic and fact. We citizens of the United States of America have a tendency to stand at the top of the hill and throw stones into the valley. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion of the situation, some support him and others do not. If people stop going to the games and the Falcons organization says we need to let him go because he is not the best thing for our business then so be it, good-bye Vick. But let it play out. Look at our dear friend Kobe Bryant, they thought he was done for and even he was acquitted. We have to show some restraint, don’t all the model citizens stand up at one time please.
On the other hand we have to take a look at ourselves and stop blaming other people for one person’s actions. Michael Vick is being tried for dog fighting, not everyone in Atlanta or every black person south of Ohio. Recently on 680 the Fan an Atlanta radio station, one of the members of the Buck and Kincade show said it was a slap in the face to those who live in Atlanta. How so, Michael Vick represents himself and is responsible for his own actions. Everywhere he travels he doesn’t portray the hardworking mailman, office clerk, or executive he represents Michael Vick. Other outlets have even mumbled that it was because of the hip hop culture. When does the blame fall on Michael Vick or whoever did it. All of the individuals being tried are grown men and responsible for their own actions. They know the difference between right and wrong. You try telling the police officer you drove through the barricade because you are a huge fan of Die Hard movies. It is irrelevant as to what influenced you to do this because you know it is out of order. The society that we live in is always looking for the pawn to pin it on. People are told as they come up in this world, “life isn’t fair” and it doesn’t matter that you left for work on time but there was a huge accident on the freeway that made you late for work, YOU WERE LATE! Then we have situations like this happen and we say, “yeah, you did it but it was probably that music video that you watched last night”. We have to be a little more consistent here when dishing out punishment. The reasons are trivial, at least that’s what they say when the car payment is late.
Michael Vick is a man that deserves due process in the legal system. We shall see where the chips fall. If he did it then he gets what is coming to him. If he did not do it, leave him alone. It is what it is. The judgmental approach isn’t the way to go people. So hold on before you throw that stone.

You will wake up when i snap!

To all of those who travel you may be familiar with this natural phenomenon. When you fly on a plane at the end of the flight a "ding" occurs letting all the passengers know that the seat belt sign is now off. Technically all this means is that the plane is no longer moving and it is safe to take off the seat belt. Why then at this junction do ALL of the patrons on the flight stand up instantly as if that noise means the plane has caught fire. Everyone is hypnotized. It turns into a certified fiasco. People reach across each other for luggage, smash one another in the aisle way and create ridiculous chaos. Passengers in the BACK are saturating the aisles, but the moral of the story is no one can go anywhere yet! The doors aren't even open you savages. The folks in coach are jamming up the aisles in first class but nobody can go anywhere yet. It gets worse, if by chance you checked any luggage, the luggage carousel probably isn't even going to be moving by the time you get there let alone have your gigantic luggage spinning yet. That huge luggage is going to slow you down when you get it anyway you drones. What's the rush, its like everybody on the plane is late for the same meeting. We need to establish some etiquette for plane travel. If the row in front of you hasn't even had the chance to get the blood circulating through their legs by standing up then fall back and continue your small talk with the person next to you that you will never see again. Have some patience people, it is a virtue.