Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Nice Sunset

On the Sofa' I strive to give the people something innovative and new to keep them on their toes. Some people get inspired by art and the like so i posted this, it may not do much for some of the readership but its a nice change of pace. I thought this was pretty relaxing, therefore you might as well. Furthermore I don't want to tell you what to think about as you indulge. This is an evolving sunset, for those that are at work and cannot get away. Or for the few that just like to look at nature but don't want to go outside. Enjoy (I hope your computer isn't slow).

Technology Update

Although many of you don't go swimming anymore, i think these are pretty cool. I wish i had them when i was coastin' in the ocean. As you can observe it is an underwater digital camera mask from Liquid Image Co. It shoots high quality, up to 5 megapixels. It might be a nice CHRISTmas gift for someone who likes to interact with ocean life. Just thought i would mention.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Little Brother

Recently i had another friend from high school pass away, as i sprawl on the floor listening to my headphones with my brother behind me on the couch i am reminded how delicate life really is. You'll know why its important that my brother is behind me later. Many occasions we are reminded of the proverbial saying "tomorrow is not promised", but i get a funny bone feeling in my gut when i hear those words, I indeed embody that saying if that is humanly possible. I have had 5 H.S. classmates die (i believe) since i graduated a mere six years ago. My heart rumbles whenever i get the news and without reservation I am immediately struck by the power of God.

See, for those that are formerly unaware I was stabbed in the heart, 2 years after graduating from H.S. I additionally was wounded with a slightly collapsed lung as well. The approximate 30 mins that i lay on the ground have the strongest replay value in my mind even through this day. As a relatively young man it is hard to assess the plenary value of that proverbial phrase, although you mentally understand what is said. Experience is the best teacher. If you want to put your current situation in perspective think about your past, if time is an issue think about when you were 7 and 22 seemed like light years away. You made it and now you don't know where the time went. Think about how smart you thought you were at the age of 16, and think about how smart you are now. So for me i think about those critical minutes when i laid upon the legs of my brother and grasped at consciousness over and over, however was barely able to hold what i reached for (my body shakes even now). Consciousness was handed to me only by my brother who rattled my shoulder consistently and implored that i open my eyes. Nonetheless as i drifted in and out the events of my childhood and past replayed in my head so vividly as if i had watched myself grow up (YES, that really does happen!). As I peacefully accepted the reality that i was on the cusp of death, I was reminded in the form of my little brother to "Live". This is not a commonly shared experience but for me i think about how alive i thought i was then and compare it to how alive i am now. Have you ever felt life? I have and it feels amazing, especially the first time my two brothers came to the hospital and cautiously entered the Intensive Care Unit with blatant trepidation where i was battling, and with no words said, each one of us cried as we were overwhelmed with the feeling of LIFE.

Everyone has a purpose and you can rest assure that you are not leaving here until your purpose is fulfilled. Some may think that i am too young to do life reflections but Brian Wallington has a long road behind him.

The people we may know that pass away are our "little brothers" that remind us to live. We all know the delicacy of life but as we lay on the ground and go through the motions sometimes we need someone to rattle us and say "open your eyes, and live".

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Heaviest Feather

Now that much of the adrenaline has subsided, the reality and enormity of Barack's presidential campaign has taken a different direction, for me at least. I watched Barack approach the podium with his radiant family by his side. I listened attentively as he addressed the nation, and redirected the jubilant energy towards a more critical and somber mood. But as i stared, i understood what Barack's intentions were. He knows that there is so much work to do and how paramount it is that we are all on the same page, as he consoled even those that did not cast their ballot in his favor. He mentioned that he would be forthright with information and he might not always make a call that we are going to like. I have the utmost respect for his intentions, as he appears to be a man after my own heart. More importantly this spills into a more daunting issue.

I was at work and a co-worker asked me "don't you think Barack feels a lot of pressure, because what if he doesn't do well?". When he approached me with that question, i was immediately struck with a measure of familiarity. I responded to him as if i was pregnant with the answer for 24 years, maybe i was. I told him Barack feels the same way that I do EVERYDAY! Granted i am not the president, but i carry the onus and weight of my family, race, and affiliations to everyone that i encounter everyday. I represent Wallingtons everywhere i go, i represent a black race every living and breathing second. There are so many people that i interact with at work on a daily basis that will rarely ever get the opportunity to have a quality experience with a black person, the only construction they get is through the media. If i were to affirm those stereotypes and misconceptions then i have failed. I understand it is not about what others think, and i should not have to whisk away other people's ill-informed notions but the situation is bigger than me and when you are a part of something larger than yourself it brings a greater sense of responsibility. For Barack and myself we do it for the people that will come after us, so that they too will have a chance to operate in whatever capacity of life we were once in, one of the best things we can do is "not close the door".

So Barack approached the people carefully and compassionately because he cares, but he has been carrying the onus for years, im sure people have been incredulous of him his whole life, its nothing new to him, he's been proving himself every time somebody gives him a chance. Barack is transparently a synecdoche for blacks. I believe that he is genuine and his character has steadied turbulent waters, when your lifestyle is honest and open you have nothing to worry about. My grandfather once told me when i was little, "keep your nose clean, in case you want to be president one day". Baracks grandmother must have told him the same thing.