Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shoe Alert!

If anybody gets me these shoes, i can find a lot of perks for you (Size 11 1/2 or 12). Perhaps you'll get to come to a show with me or I'll get you an autographed something from your favorite music artist, who knows. But the point is I need these in a major way. I was young when these originally came out and these were wayyy to expensive for my parents blood, well they're still expensive. However, talk to me on Twitter people: @Wa11o.

The College Style Bracket

Fun stuff from the crew over at GQ Magazine. Its the "64 Most Stylish College Basketball Players of All Time". They broke the brackets down by eras and the four regions are 50's/60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's/00's. You can have a little fun with it, assuming you know the people and teams like i do. If nothing else you can look at the garb these players previously donned. It caught my attention, and perhaps it will help you burn some minutes at the J-O-B.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Black Agenda: We Count

The programming on C-Span2 for the last couple of nights was a round table discussion comprised of black leaders and mediated by journalist savant Tavis Smiley entitled, Black Agenda: We Count. Some of the personalities invited to articulate were very familiar names: M.E. Dyson, C. West, L. Farrakhan, Angela G. Blackwell, J. Malveaux, and J.Jackson along with a few others. The event aired in separate parts across two nights, i was able to catch the second part last night.

The focus appeared to be around a black agenda, i believe this was outlined in a book which Blackwell alluded to as a New York Times bestseller; I must admit i was not privy to before last night. However the panel last night, whether by design or happen-stance, became fixated on the alleged shortcomings to Obama, and also his lack of overt love towards the black community. I believe Dr. West said "We loved you and embraced you long before you were [president]". There are a lot of black neighborhoods that are decimated with putrid school systems and the cutting of jobs in the public sector (postal workers, bus drivers, etc.), but this panel was lamenting that Obama hasn't done what was necessary to fix these things among others, sans Blackwell. I was at odds with these comments, we are intensely hard on Obama failing to acknowledge a couple of huge footnotes; It has only been one year and he can't pass everything he wants to at will. Obama and his staff have done quite well, starting with the fact that he is the first president to have an Urban Affairs team. They talked about getting the crack/cocaine punishment ratio even from 100:1 down to 1:1. Apparently the O administration has gotten it down to 18:1, the majority of the panel was unhappy with that. That crack/cocaine example was used to make a point, its very hard to be radical in office and get your agenda accomplished. It is important to take into account the Senate and Congress. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little bit to move things forward in the right direction, as oppose to holding out forever to get nothing. This country is vastly bigger than the African-American population and we cannot act as if our priorities should take eminence over the rest of the nation. I understand that we have been placed in some precarious positions but you can't ostracize everyone else (two wrongs don't make a right).

From the beginning Obama has attempted to unify not separate, that has been evident from his negotiations with Republicans and his asking for solid ideas. Sometimes the black contingent can become quite lopsided in their argument, in addition to being too dependent on one individual. Perhaps Obama was not in office, then what would we do to help our predicaments? I agree it is necessary to speak up for your communities but we need to do quite a bit more starting with home base. The O administration can do a lot but it is generally going to be on a impersonal scale but i think more important than systematic changes we need personal changes. I know that's a big statement, and i do believe both are necessary. If you provide a community with the money to rectify the failing schools and such but the kids aren't going/learning or the school board is wasting away the money then what good does the donation do?

By the time the questions came around the focus was in deep left field, so i won't comment on those. In summation it was a noble idea but i don't think it was executed effectively, from the skewed age demographic of the panelists to the misplaced concerns. I respect the conversation but we have to take care of our own before we ask someone else to take care of what we have.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Streets via Skateboard

Simply cool findings from one of my favorite people on Vimeo, @13thwitness. Ain't nothing going on here but skateboards and life. However it is important to note that these people are professionals. I am always enchanted with the way things are shot and how the videographer even manages to attain some of the angles and vantage points that he does amidst live action. So once again, i love it all, you might as well if you give it a try.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tyson breeds Pigeon, not Chickens

As im currently plastered in my chair at the San Antonio International airport i have a little time on my hands. I found out something that may intrigue you, well it intrigued me. Mike Tyson is slated to have a show on Animal Planet that will air in 2011 on a topic/sport that i never knew existed until today, pigeon racing.

The article faintly talked about Mike's dealings with pigeons as a young man residing in Bedford-Stuyvesant(Bed Stuy)that i was vaguely familiar with but never gave it any reasonable measure of thought. I was under the impression that all New Yorkers played with pigeons in the park, blame Home Alone 2. Is there anyone out there that can explain how you can conduct a fair race between birds? Mike Tyson has to be one of the most interesting people, and for the record i don't think there is anything wrong with racing pigeons. I'm actually not familiar enough to have an opinion but his tendencies and affinities are very hard to come by, what makes one like that. From his let down against Buster Douglas to his biting of the ear, and now we have pigeons. And perhaps its only fitting that he endears pigeons which many people consider the dirtiest bird of them all, and consequently the most shunned. Im no psychologist but perhaps there is a level of connection and sympathy there.

The point is i find all this very mystifying and I'm certainly going to tune in to at least the inaugural episode to see what this is all about. I'll check back like a chiropractor.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ro Spit- "Over"

Im going to go ahead and put this on my blog and give the people something fresh and new.

The parallels between Drake and Ro Spit are quite similar, both dropped very good projects in past years that flew under the radar. And just as Drake shot into super-stardom after the release of his mixtape in 2009, Ro Spit achieved his fair amount of accolades when he hit the launch pad with the OH S#!T Project in the same year. So when Drake dropped his lead single "Over" about a week ago, it was quite natural for Ro to make his own version. But not only do you get top-shelf lyrics, you get the video to go along with the experience.

The video is directed and shot by extraordinary talent and long-time collaborator Gerard Victor.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sony PS3 remote

How cold are these remotes? Apparently Sony has taken hint of the success that the motion-sensitive Nintendo Wii has garnered and looked to make a splash of their own. Of course its too late to be pioneers but they can most certainly take control of the market. Visually i dig these remotes a bit more than the Wii variety because of the added versatility Playstation has added, more buttons and directional pad in addition to the analog. These controllers are supposed to debut in the fall along and Sony will apparently start rolling out quite a few titles to correspond. I do think that the Playstation is in a more favorable slot than Nintendo being that they are more versatile in their gaming selections. Nintendo has endured a tough time keeping their amazing initial momentum, check out some numbers from fall 09

And how about that "Christmas bulb" camera on the end!

Another BR visit

Just another BR visit. I was trying to get some crucial New Balance information out of @BurnRubberRick.

The Burn Rubber Jacket

This was last month at the Wayne State show with Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y & Ro Spit. I was trying to toss my ideas out to Ro before the show so he could be on point for the didn't work.