Monday, July 27, 2009

PLEASE check this out!

I humbly beg you to check this out. Many of you know i like to peruse the for multiple reasons, but i digress. This is one of the coolest features i've seen in a while from a news site. There is an interactive map that plots homicide points on the map via blue dot, as information trickles in daily. You can view the results by all years, specific years, or past 30 days. You can also view results by race of perpatrator/victim, gender, age, sex and other options to inform you on exactly what is taking place as far as homicides in NY. If you hover over the dot it tells you all the info, please check it out.

Ibn Jasper Skates (well)!!

While i was checking out some of Ibn Jasper's videos i came across this one too (also one a few posts below). This took me back to when i was a kid and i played with my skateboard from time to time. Ibn is generally known for his fashion but looks like the descriptions would align better if he were known for his skating. I put something on twitter about his skating a while ago but this video dwarfs the other one i saw, hence i put it up. Since you're already here, take a moment sit on the 'sofa, relax, and watch a little bit....I thought it was cool and that has to mean something right?

Telling Personal Sex Life = Jail Time?

Alright readership stick with me as I put on my journalist shirt and tie in an attempt to convey this story in a concise manner. In Saudi Arabia a man by the name of Abdul Jawad was arrested for bragging about his sex life on television on a Lebanese show entitled "Red Lines". He discussed foreplay and sexual conquest along with how he picks up women. Jawad is a 32 year-old divorced father of four. Discussions are still taking place to determine whether charges will be filed.

The climate in Saudi Arabia does not endorse public disclosure of sexual exploits, as a matter of fact unrelated men and women are not allowed to mingle and pre-marital sex is illegal. In a drastic pendulum swing Jawad has begun what we refer to from a PR standpoint as, damage control. In a local newspaper he issued a sorrowful apology accompanied by a photograph of him absorbing his tears into a handkerchief.

Here are a couple of fun facts to introduce that will escalate our dialogue, CNN reports "Abdul Jawad is not in jail and is considering filing a complaint against the show’s producers for presenting him “in the worst possible manner by taking two hours of footage and condensing it down to a minutes-long segment"". As we delve further into what was shown CNN relays this information, "It includes scenes of Abdul Jawad discussing his enjoyment of sex and how he lost his virginity at age 14. Abdul Jawad is also shown in his bedroom, where he holds up sexual aids to the camera. It ends with him cruising the streets of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in his car and looking for women."

Let us start with the first quote concerning his portrayal in a negative manner...isn't that what TV does? They always tape more footage than they need and when cut, material is constructed in order to put forth the most riveting pieces and merge the most tantalizing details. Before he volunteered to participate (assuming he did by the amount of info he divulged) I think it is fair to assume he should know what their purpose is and what they are going to do with his segment. Actually let me take this moment to warn those reading, if you are ever the subject of a story being filmed for television, please know what the treatment for what you are doing or in remedial terms "what they are going to do with it". Now the second quote actually bothers me, with the intentional and deliberate coverage of his escapades it seems that the Lebanon Broadcasting Company would take some liability for this as well. Considering there are laws and against disclosing sexual encounters. The broadcasting company is the vehicle that afforded Jawan the television opportunity, without them none of this happens. It is similar to when people curse on TV in America, it is the network who bleeps it out; they assume the onus. Therefore i actually find this quite hypocritical and repugnant.

Now I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the simple liberties we exercise in America. Im not encouraging that we be grateful we can voice sexual exploits publicly, but the relative freedom of speech and personally liberating lives that we do enjoy. This story was actually quite humorous to me but I hope that as we chuckle we do not become unappreciative.

New Ruler Concept

I was thumbing through the internet and i came across this novel ruler with a novel concept. Although it is not commercially available yet perhaps this will be something to look out for in the near future. The ruler takes measurements via tiny metal edges that sense when they are being touched. The exact measurement of your line will display in what looks like LED fashion hidden within the rulers cosmetics. The designer is Shay Shafranek.

Jasper shows Louis Yeezy's

This is virtually a sneaker update via Ibn Jasper. I posted this because he shows the new Louis Vuitton sneakers that are the result of a collaboration between Kanye and LV. He displays a black high top pair, red low top pair, and a grey/pink/brown high (which i call the graduation edition). As many of you know Kanye just had the release with Nike who dropped three colorways of the Air Yeezy's and now these are on the market.

Without getting too long-winded i want to illuminate the notion that these appear to be the luxury rendition of the Yeezy's. Made in similar high-top form just a sleeker build and slightly more luxurious fabrics. I just wanted the people to check them out, not because i like them so; actually the only pair I can dig is the "graduation" edition.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sneaker Update

Nike Duece Mesh, How clean are these shoes! Its a nice piece to add to your collection, if you are into "collecting" and amassing cool shoes. You can't just have all Dunks. The fairway looking footwear should be available very soon, and its not just for one type of consumer; anybody can sport these. I think this can compliment on so many levels, and if the comfort is remotely close to how it appears then we can all win.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ESPN: "Do Not Report"

Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger is currently involved in a civil lawsuit regarding some rape charges. This stems back to a celebrity golf tournament a while ago, the dates are irrelevant. The major (Applewhite) point of interest is the fact that ESPN has a "Do Not Report" tag on the story. After doing some research the rationale is that ESPN does not report on civil lawsuits regarding athletes, here are a few examples of that: Kobe, Vick, Harrison, so that is obviously a lie. There are more but you get the point (I got those examples from the Bleacher Report).

I was going to go a different direction on this fiasco, and then i found those examples. I have (Kevin) love for ESPN, but they really need to get out of the (Tiger) woods on this one. I got word of it on the local news in Detroit, they just mentioned it in passing and gave the (Mark) blunt facts. I cannot help but be a cynic because to me this wreaks of some cover up. Now let me mention that ESPN has done a "do not report" before and it turned out that the story was erroneous. Everything is not out but this appears to be quite legit. Im not a fan of them plastering Vick all over the screen everyday all day (Adrian Peterson) with court (Lee) appearances and jumpsuit coverage, however as the worldwide leader, the Superbowl winning quarterback deserves a mention (not even the last 2 minutes of the show, dang). Even if they note that all the facts have not been solidified and the case may not have legs (Tim Leger). Maybe ESPN thinks this will go away by osmosis or magic (Johnson).

Someone mentioned to me that maybe he paid them a couple millions and said you can't put anything pass people but i have to dissent. As a subsidiary of Disney, ESPN earns billions in revenue (i didn't research that but i have an inkling) and they would take a couple million from a sports player to jeopardized their news and credibility. For one, those would be dangerous gates (Antonio) to open up and then you would never have any news to report. Although I don't put anything past people, i can't roll (Samari) with that one.

So as Ben Rothlisberger goes through this I would hope that the truth (Paul Pierce) comes out and a just resolution is reached. But in the meantime I think ESPN owes its proponents a logical explanation, not to say that we will get it but it sure would be nice.

-Everyone in parenthesis is a sports player and its just something i wanted to do for my sports related blog entry. The name goes with the word before it in some way, whether its their first name, last name, or nickname. I hope you enjoyed it.

Melbourne Recital Center

Alright I retrieved this from Kanye's blog but...that's not the point. You know how we operate over here. Viscous art always gets my attention. This is a building designed by Ashton Raggat McDougal, and as the title specifies, its the Melbourne Recital Center. Oh how i wish we had more cool things to look at over here in the States. I don't want to sound like a broken record but..."where's all the creativity folks". I want creativity "stat", "pronto".

Black Olympics?

I'm a little uneasy about the idea that i have to post this video in order for the people to know what the heck i am talking about. So here it is, professional athlete Martellus Bennett decides to make a video with his brother, displaying the "Black Olympics". If you haven't clicked it i would advise you do so before you read my commentary, otherwise you are reading a fictional recap of an imagined event.

Why would he feel the need to share this ignorance with the world. To be honest I can actually see how he and his boy/brother could think this is funny. However, to elongate those stereotypes with no respectable regard for your race and the walls that you build before them is egregiously irresponsible. And as life ensues we wonder why people look at us a certain way.

I think people of particular races have to understand that when you reinforce certain stereotypes then essentially you are giving a green light to all or at minimum most stereotypes of your particular category. How do people and races unfamiliar with the reality discern what stereotypes hold true and which do not, they just get a glance of MB doing the "Black Olympics" and they say "oohhh that stuff they say about black folks must be true". I'm not saying that this something that needs to be debated with legislation but, I think someone does need to sit down with him and explain a couple of things so he can be enlightened. What he thinks is funny may only be just that to a very small sub set of people.

I think the world has expanded too fast without a rule book. All these new media outlets and platforms offer people more digital horsepower than they are capable of operating safely. With traditional methods of communication such as magazines and tv we've always had guidelines but now there is no code of ethics or unwritten/written rules. You can find not just one or two pieces but a smorgasbord of turbid material on the web.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We(a)llington Boots

This post is mandatory. First i must say that i am shocked i wasn't privy to this information sooner. These boots are "Wellington Boots". Since my last name is approximately such i have to show love, I won't delve into the story of my last name, however i think my point is made. But the boots are also cool. Apparently it was raining over in Wales and The Startrak crew decided to break them out, check it here. Otherwise i just enamored the irony of company name meets blogger meets fashion that blogger likes. Plus i like then name of this website: Oh what a post!
P.S. I do not condone the finger Shay is giving, at all.

The Seabreacher's Dolphin

I guarantee this video will stimulate your excitement. This is a dolphin inspired submarine by Innespace. This is a Youtube ad, but as you can see some of the footage came from the discovery channel validating its existence. I hear that the price starts at around $48,000 which actually isn't bad, relatively speaking. If you decide to purchase one, let the 'Sofa know and tell us how you like it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Burn Rubber Timepiece: "The Woodward"

A couple months back i posted a piece from my most enamored boutique, the Burn Rubber custom G-Shock. That watch was indeed a precursor of things to come. Arriving in the wake of the G-Shock's success comes a slightly more epic offering, "The Woodward". This is the inaugural watch from the... legendary status pending, Burn Rubber Timepiece Collection. As the pioneering watch The Woodward will be limited, only 50 will be manufactured, therefore I reckon you inquire now as with anything BR the product moves relatively quick. For the official low-down, check the website.

Burn Rubber is exceedingly innovative and progressive. Even aside from the watch if you have not afforded yourself the opportunity to relish in the BR experience, you are not doing yourself any favors. Its Wallo approved, matter of fact just tell them "Wallo sent you" when you go (seriously). Just check the site and it speaks for itself, i'll refrain from talking any longer.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Gift of inspiration

Initially i was going to pass on posting this, that thought was grounded in the sheer fact that this watch cost $250,000. Absolutely preposterous and unearthly, however i realize, as always, that the inspiration is free. Inspiration is one thing you never have to pay for and it comes in just about any flavor. Im not going to run down a bunch of details on it because you're not going to buy it and if you are I would advise you hit the site. The name is "Tambour Mysterieuse".

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Natural Woman vs. The Superficial Woman

Its a new day, and in this new day i got into my first twitter discussion. The dialogue started when a friend of mine says "I wonder why men fantasize over superficial women and claim to only like natural ones". Well I, along with my co-defendant, tried to clear the confusion in 140 characters or less; I thought it was working until this publicity lady chimes in with "It's no biggie, im not bashing but just like a woman, men don't know what they want either." and i end the quote. At that moment the micro-blogging grew into real blogging, and so I'm here to flat-line this topic.

I attempted to appease the contenders by asserting that, as a man you can be visually attracted to "superficial" traits/features (because that is primarily how men are stimulated) as the world preys on that fact daily; so you enjoy the visual but you don't have a legitimate desire to "be with" the superficial person. In order to understand that concept first you must understand that we all have a lustful and sinful nature (I won't get too biblical). These superficial traits are going to tantalize, but as a man who knows what he wants, he understands that those traits don't hold any water, they are simply "visual stimulations". Let me note that those are not the only things/traits that visually stimulate men but it is indeed a portion.

My co-defendant chimed in with the brilliant metaphor of rims on cars. Yes a lot of rims do look good on cars but they are quite unnecessary, and although it can look nice, you dang sure don't want them on your car. Matter of fact take the whole car for an example, think of all the car shows that display these highly complex remixes with all kinds of tv screens or trivial accessories like a swimming pool in the flatbed. I might even be enticed to ride in it one time and get an experience but i know cotton picking well i don't want to own the keys and lug that hunk of exaggeration around. So you see, yeah its looks exotic and such but...I reiterate, "unnecessary".

So the assertion that men do not know what they want is an ill-informed one. I think it verifies that you know exactly what you want, as you navigate past temptation and fruitless eye candy. If you didn't know indeed what you were seeking you would be quite sidetracked by these things. You know what qualities are important in the woman you desire, you maintain the stance that a naturally shaped or featured woman can fulfill your needs more than satisfactorily and you also understand there are other things that play a role in the woman you want, i.e. mental cohesion or similar ideologies. So I look at this thing from the other end zone (sports reference, its a guy thing), i contend that it shows a man is quite certain of what he needs in his life.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson: Person or Icon

I'll start with a quote i generated some days ago, "The more talented you are, the less human you become in the eyes of the public." Americans as a collective unit have to learn how to view talented individuals as humans and not icons. As i watched the Today Show this morning Matt Lauer asked Tommy Mattola, "What was it about Michael Jackson that allowed his fans to overlook his [controversies], Tommy Mattola simply replies "His Greatness". A friend told me they read a passage from the mayor of Gary, In where he referred to Michael as "the prince of peace", extremely hyperbolic talk as there is only one Prince of Peace. Once again our perception is distorted.

Jackson's passing was a startling and surprising occurrence but the overt displays of emotion seem rather ungrounded, and at the height of those missteps is suicide. We can't pretend to overlook the reality that Jackson was a troubled man, and with that said I can't say that i am completely surprised. Many different medications were found in his home, he dueled with anorexia, fought a lung disease, and we all were aware of the skin disease. Never does one expect death especially considering the dubious circumstances that surround Jackson's. Most of us did not know Michael Jackson personally, yet some have patronized the goodness and gifts that Michael munificently bestowed upon us, but i think it would have been more important for them to carry those burdens with Michael. One of my favorite individuals Michael Eric Dyson pointed out how Jackson identified a lot of the ideologies that tortured the African American community for years, many African Americans wrestle with the European standards of beauty, so much that we turn to surgery operations and wigs (weave). He was not "used" as a artist because that was his profession, however very few if any were heeding the Jackson's inward, yet outwardly visible lamenting.

People have taken tickets to the memorial to Ebay, in an effort to profit off of an enormously popular dead man, deplorable to say the least. The Today Show is giving the run down of proposed celebrities in attendance as if that matters, although the service is at the Staples Center, "this isn't a basketball game!" There was a lady that hitch-hiked a ride to the Staples Center and all along her trek i believe she spent $1400. How does she have money to make this trip but she can't afford transportation. I do not tell anyone what to do with their money; I would rather tell her you do not owe Jackson your presence at his funeral. You've essentially paid him by purchasing his music and supporting his career, personally you don't owe him anything because personally he gave you nothing. That may sound unwarranted as i do not know her life but we've had approximately 12 members of his fan club commit suicide and I pray that the number isn't understated. Redundancy usually creates deaf ears but, he was human just like you and I.

As i close my soliloquy I wish the Jackson family the best and hope that if there are any positives that can be extracted from Michael Jackson's death we pay attention to them. Most importantly, all I can hope for at this point is that he knew Jesus.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Shoe Fix

Dope Air Max video, you know how we do on the 'Sofa. I saw this and i couldn't fight my urge, be grateful that i didn't post all this guy's video. However peep the artwork in this video, cocaine (excuse the drug reference, i don't advocate)

Creativity Alert

This is an MTV Europe ad. Why can't we get that creativity over here. We always get stuck with the seductive ads over here in the lustfully driven U.S.A. Simple yet creative, enjoy

Palin Perplexes Me...

I have always been a little perplexed by Sarah Palin, lo and behold, she does it to me again. Recently she announced that she will not seek another term as Alaska's governor. Initially some thought that it was a segueway to her run of 2012, but then i hear whispers of criminal investigation. Nothing is confirmed so lets not concentrate too much on that. But i think its important to note that in a report from MSNBC they inferred that Palin generally hasn't been opposed to working with a lot on her plate.

The fact that she didn't turn over her state to the lieutenant governor is puzzling, in a way (as the clip references Clinton and Bush). Perhaps this contributed to her lack of thorough knowledge on critical and eminent topics. In an article on Ross Douthat cites statistics and writes "In a recent Pew poll, 44 percent of Americans regarded Palin unfavorably. But slightly more had a favorable impression of her. That number included 46 percent of independents, and 48 percent of Americans without a college education.

That last statistic is a crucial one. Palin’s popularity has as much to do with class as it does with ideology. In this sense, she really is the perfect foil for Barack Obama. Our president represents the meritocratic ideal — that anyone, from any background, can grow up to attend Columbia and Harvard Law School and become a great American success story. But Sarah Palin represents the democratic ideal — that anyone can grow up to be a great success story without graduating from Columbia and Harvard."

When i couldn't put a finger on it, Douthat transcribed what i couldn't quite verbalize. With all the opportunities she has been afforded she seems to always be ill-equipped, and every time i look for her redemption moment she botches another situation. I will never knock anyone's potential but at this moment in time she is in over her head. Maybe running Alaska doesn't quite prepare one for the national stage like sayyyyyy, New York. Now I hear rumors (albeit BET) that she has talk show suitors, although they did not mention a specific type of show, do you really want a presidential candidate one day and a talk show host the next; the two professions seem as close as two positively charged magnets. She is just a walking enigma, for me at least. I generally love well rounded people but she seems to not have much of a handle on any of her trades. Maybe that last statement is too sharp because i thought everything was running just fine in Alaska prior to 1o months ago.

One day I would hope that Palin sands those edges and tailors her position and offerings to the world. But for now the dubious legend of Palin still leaves me scratching my head.

The Picasso Light Show

This is Picasso in 1949. As legend has it, he was shown photos of ice skaters with lights affixed to their skates and that is where he derived his idea for light drawing. These were created with a small flashlight in a dark room. Everything is relative, but this is top shelf in any year.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Show...Should go on

Im going to make a splash a few days late on this one because i had to let it sulk for a moment; once i realized it bothered me deeply, the motion began. I usually do not report upon speculation but there seems to be a consensus on this one. Chris Brown was unable to perform a tribute to Michael Jackson at the (cough, cough) BE (cough) T awards, a man who heavily influenced the art and music of Brown.

Amidst his hiatus Chris Brown has been relegated to an outcast by the music community for physically damaging Robyn Fenty. This would have been an optimal time for him to return, a very safe and uplifting event where he can break the awkward ice. I don't believe this was a moment to focus on Brown's misstep, actually i acutely think he would have been the ideal candidate to pay a tribute. There are times in life where you have to realize the situation is bigger than you or your feelings and i suppose Shawn Carter operate with that viewpoint.

As an (approximately) 40 year-old man Carter should understand the shortcomings of youth. We have all committed some deplorable acts as we transitioned into adulthood, some more than others. I would imagine Carter would be a person capable of sympathizing with Brown as to my understanding he has laid hands on a female before. I understand the idea Fenty was on a label that he once ran and facilitated but what allegiance/responsibility does he have to her. This could be hear-say (usually i don't acknowledge such) but there were also rumblings that he threatened Brown with violence, why would he mettle in the dealings of 20 year-olds, considering he has no blood relationship with any of them. All of Carter's retorts seem unwarranted and excessive. As the older individual I would imagine that he would be able and willing to teach Brown and Fenty a few lessons, as you can see how this affected both of their careers. I put a lot of onus on the "leaders" to do more leading and less criticizing as they forget their own personal trangressions.

The point is there needs to be a little more unity amidst the music community, then they can make this thing better for everyone. Wrong is wrong and i don't expect Carter to coddle Brown, but don't kick the brother everytime he tries to get up. Oh and i just found out Al Sharpton was lobbying as well, i have no words for him.

The Linienlampe Pendant Light

I dare one to say this isn't tantalizing.


Although i do not know what it stands for--i like it, the message that is. Lupe is consistently one of my favorites and he says quite a few things that i would say if i were afforded the platform that he has, therefore i syphon his words a lot to support and echo my own.

There is nothing like good, productive dialogue; proceed with caution. Often times we support and endorse the wrong messages, usually destructive, selfish, or unfruitful. To be honest a huge portion of it comes from our music and i believe that music is the undercurrent of our lives, it pushes our minds in different directions, although it doesn't have control it has influence. For my demographic, ages 18-33, unfortunately there are too many instances where we use damaging ideas to paint the outline of our reality. This is not an endeavor calling for a rush of MLK remembrance songs, but rarely do we achieve a balance, or even worse rarely are we able to discern foolishness from quality. I don't want to get too long-winded so i will truncate my message, i think Lupe brings a lot of quality, especially in terms of thought processes.

I think as much as support some other emcees with inferior talent and very little to say (which is all good), we should support even more talented emcees with a lot more to say (which is even better).

Electrical Wiring

We take many avenues to greatness on this blog, and i found some greatness on Kanye's Blog, (or at least creativity) the link is on the side. I do not concede that i would find this in someone's home anytime soon, however its fun to look at. To be honest i wish our homes over here in the states had more creativity to them, breaks up the monotony, go ahead and tilt your head to the side and say "true".