Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Chicken and the Clowns

What in tarnations have these people reduced themselves to? Recently the popular food chain Popeyes offered a one day special: 8 pieces of chicken for $4.99. The pandemonium went further than many expected. Perhaps many other locations were totally depleted of chicken in the mid-day but the news just so happened to report about the one in Rochester, NY.

First, before i dissect this ridiculous video i must say that i was thoroughly disappointed and mildly perplexed immediately after i watched it. I conversed with a friend a bit about whether this was media exploitation or just media coverage. He briefly made an argument about this being media exploitation, blatantly because we know that there are more pivotal and important things to cover as a news organization. To this point i can certainly agree, however i had to dissent. I don't view it as media exploitation, because the people need to be responsible for their actions. People insist on speaking before thinking but don't want anyone to see it, we can't call it exploitation just because a camera is around. I think they have to be held accountable for their actions. Don't get me wrong, i don't think there is anything wrong with being disappointed but come on folks. It's chicken for crying out loud and if they are out "GO FIND SOMETHING ELSE". The patrons act as if they were forced to get Popeyes, apparently there was quite the demand and they ran out, big deal.

People are really lamenting gripes as if this has caused a major snag in their life; talking about feeding their kids and how they have been waiting for this day...really!? I suggest you get some Spaghetti O's for your kids if they really need to eat. Why do people have to act like clowns and jester around the court so. I guess im done, i guess black people really do LOVE chicken!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stereotypes Deconstructed

Exceptional article on the human brain and the processes we use to formulate stereotypes. It would behoove every person to read this to understand the why and how we develop stereotypes. We will never completely comprehend everything we do but the more we know, the more equipped we are to operate in this world effectively. No picture needed read the article, Plushredsofa endorses it wholeheartedly. I don't do much endorsing by the way.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tough to Swallow

I think this is what they look like? I really won't know how controversial this is until I post it, so here it goes. The Food and Drug Administration has acquiesced and will now allow 17 year-olds the liberty of purchasing the ''morning after pill''. The article I read conveyed the notion that there was staunch opposition of this during the Bush administration, although their own scientists supported the motion to allow such.

Preface: I do not completely know the timetable at which a pregnancy develops therefore I view this as another form of contraception. If 17 year-olds are allowed to purchase condoms and the like then this would follow that precedent. There are probably quite a few people reading this who have concerns over the development and hormones of teenage bodies, as we know rarely (if ever) can you consume something to stop a natural bodily function without affecting something else. Have no fear, the FDA assures the public that teenagers can consume the pill safely. However a federal judge is probing to have all age restrictions lifted...eeek! The effectiveness of this culture move seems a bit minimal as the NY Times states, ''Facing intense Congressional and legal pressure, the F.D.A. finally relented in 2006 and made the pills available to women 18 and older without a perscription. So far there has been no measurable effect on abortion or teenage pregnancy rates''. We shall see how this pans
out but don't be surprised to see the teeny boppers toting pills.

Jumping the Gun

A young basketball player, Jeremy Tyler out of San Diego, CA has decided to forgo his senior year in high school and take his 6'11 frame to play basketball overseas with the expectation of returning in two years and entering the NBA Draft.

I don't know how I categorize this yet, either it is smart or it is irresponsible on the parents behalf. Different families have different needs and I do not know his family situation but I do know that he had orally committed to the University of Louisville with future Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino. The morally responsible portion of me wants to antagonize this decision as he is afforded a privileged opportunity and there is a tremendous amount that can be gained from that experience. I also do not know how bright of an individual he is, but i do know that i learned a large heap of knowledge from senior year in high school and through college. However perhaps real world experience may do him more justice. I wish him well as he will be the first young man to jump this gun. The U.S. will learn a lot from him and this endeavor, also they will probably quantify future decisions by youngsters off the success or failure of this decision. Let the game begin.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Prejean Problem

I have to chime in on this one, i was nudged to do so by what i read on the NY Times website. Background: Carrie Prejean, Miss California received runner up in the Miss USA pageant due to her response in opposition of gay marriage, citing her values and religious beliefs. Initially i overlooked this because i didn't know how she would possibly prove this, however the other parties involved showed their sketchy character and judgement; this is a lay-up. Celebrity judge Perez Hilton who asked the question was later outraged and called Prejean an "unprintable" name. Also, The head of the Miss California USA organization, Keith Lewis, wrote on Perez Hilton’s blog earlier this week that Miss California’s opposition to equal marriage rights “personally saddened” and “hurt” him.

The nation is attempting to shift the norms as they relate to gay marriage and gay rights as a whole. This isn't the first time a president of an organization has detached from one of its members on the basis of beliefs going against the mainstream, but ironically the belief isn't mainstream its just "politically incorrect". Side note: why are people afraid to disagree? If you believe polls and elections then you operate under the premise that most of America is against gay marriage, so who should really be offended? It is perplexing as the gay-marriage supporters may be fewer in number they are exponentially louder. Following the fallout, there have been some rallying around Prejean calling this religious persecution. I do understand that it is a popularity contest and if her answer isn't popular with those in that realm then i can see why she wouldn't win.

The most stifling part is the persecution for religious beliefs that are supported and backed by the country. The country was founded on many biblical principles which is how we ended up with "in God we trust" on our money (although some want to fight that). I think this is one of the most important principles i've learned, "you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything". As a nation that applies to us as well, if you then supplant those laws what will be your foundation?

The venom spewed by Hilton is disdainful and unintelligent, especially since he asked the question. You cannot ask someone what they think and get mad at the answer. I do not think there is anything wrong with disagreeing, but there needs to be some civility displayed. I don't want to unearth the lopsided homosexuality debate as a whole in this post, so im going to urge those bothered by Prejean's statement to take your hand off the offensive button and everyone can be sensible.

1st Inning Stretch

The New York Yankees have moved into their phenomenal new home but it is not as inviting as they hoped it would be. See, the team is having a hard time selling some of its premier seats, which happen to generally be placed right behind home plate and above team dugouts. The seats generally run from $500-$2,500. The average citizen may not realize the magnitude of this quandary, but during game telecasts the camera is fixed on home plate and what lies behind it for about 75% of the game...and it looks like nobody is there!

Organizations thrive off the positive perceptions; meaning they would love for you to think that the games are sold out and you are missing all the fun. But if the scenario is reversed, then the perception becomes "there is nobody at that game, im not missing anything". Its like going to the club and bouncer lets people in at as slow of a rate as possible to keep the line long, to make the club seem as if it is steeped wall to wall with privileged party goers.

Unfortunately for arguably America's most popular baseball team when they began production of this 1.5 billion dollar stadium they did not for see the economic pinch barrelling down on everyone they sell tickets to and perhaps now it may be too late to turn back. What can they do, lower the price and enrage the wickedly wealthy who paid for these season tickets? I recently read that on online ticket broker stubhub.com tickets are selling for as low as $225, less than half of the basement price of $500, indicating the real supply and demand. Or will the Yankees continue to display a corporate eye sore? In a recession we learn who the real adroit executives are and who was just pretending all this time. The Yanks aren't discussing and most are on their heels to see what will happen. Hopefully the Yanks know its their turn to bat.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is a test

Im glad you came and checked me out today. This is an experimental run for my mobile blogging. So now I have given myself fewer excuses as far as updating my blog on the extra regular basis (even though I still have a back up excuse).

I am also going to take the time to use this as an opportunity to plug this 4-song EP that I love so much ''Suite for Ma Dukes'', as it should have officially been unveiled this month. It is a remake of J.Dilla's beats into an orchestral format. For those that are unaware, he is a legendary producer from Detroit who passed back in 05 I believe. The sound is starkly similar to Disney's ''Fantasia''. I will see if I can provide a link, however give me a minute; remember this is a test, let's see how it works.

Friday, April 17, 2009

YouTube going under?

Prior to stumbling across this article i had no idea YouTube (owned by Google) was in such a financial crunch. Apparently they are spiraling at a faster rate than the newspapers, as hard to believe as that sounds. The echoing sentiment at YouTube is "bandwith ain't cheap!" YouTube operates in the same way that newspapers do, advertisers produce revenue for what they deem as popular and frequently trafficked.
However YouTube sells ads on less than 10 percent of its videos. A research company estimates that 75 million users will play about 375 billion videos this year and you have to produce tons of cash flow to keep that operation running smoothly. To serve up all these streams, the company has to pay for a broadband connection capable of hurtling data at the equivalent of 30 million megabits-per-second—about 6 million times as fast as your home Internet connection. All this bandwidth costs Google $360 million a year, the analysts estimate. Then there is the money the company shells out for rights to professional videos, right around $250 million, stick that in the blender with the cost of misc expenses and YouTube costs about $700 million a year. Here's the soduku problem; they only generate $240 in revenue. It appears to be a futile effort to keep this operation going at half billion dollar deficit.

One of the reasons YouTube has such trouble creating the advertising revenue for such a wealth of videos is that advertisers don't want to advertise on the content that attracts viewers; often lewd and reprehensible conduct that advertisers don't want to associate their name with, because apparently that's what users like to look at. It sounds like a losing effort to me, besides im a vimeo type of guy myself. So enjoy those videos while you can, don't call me clairvoyant when it happens, my portentous post are merely coincidence (wink).

Small Announcement

I meant to put this up yesterday but for those in the Michigan or Detroit area go ahead and grab the Michigan FrontPage Newspaper when you see it because i am in there. It should be on page 5 but from now on pick it up and it is a good chance i will be there.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Burn Rubber G-Shock

Even as i type this i have on my own (Wallo inspired) G-Shock. Photo 041209 002
My favorite retail location Burn Rubber i releasing their own custom G-Shock this week April 18th, if you happen to be in the Michigan area you should stop through and cop one....affirmative, they will go fast. The ticket on this tantalizing timepiece is $175, that's American currency. Im doing this as a courtesy because im a generous man, i want everyone to experience the things i see.
br watch 03
br watch 02
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Burn Rubber
202 W.4th St.
Royal Oak, MI 48067
248 543 3000

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shots Fired!

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen flew down to Costa Rica to say vows and "i do's" a few days ago but the bigger story is that shots were fired. The shots allegedly came from someone in Brady's security team aimed at members of the paparazzi.

However I have to secretly admit that i had a slightly positive feeling towards this fiasco. I abhor the paps, at least the untamed and intruding ones, the civil ones don't bother me (is that an oxymoron). I will also say that i am most grateful that nobody was killed and or injured, so from my perspective this was the best case scenario: Shooting on foreign soil, and everyone escapes with no charges, no injuries, and point made. The disoriented USA refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem to be resolved (im aware this took place outside the States). I try not to slay dead horses, but what do you think Princess Diana thinks of the paps. People often relay to me that the paparazzi is a lot worse in other countries, and i take their word for it, but i must say we are working on getting there.

As intelligent as U.S. lawmakers are they appear to be naive or uninterested in reconstructing some laws or creating new ones altogether to protect those who constantly receive the ambush of light flashes and zooming lenses. The government apparently finds time to investigate steroids and the like which really hasn't hurt anyone. The argument of a "public figure" doesn't really resonate with me, it indicates that because your work or your image pleases many people then you have to share your life. People need to show restraint, and adults need to take responsibility. Additionally i suppose the most egregious portion of this story is that there is a huge demand and or market for these pictures that the paps generate.

I think the sly Tom Brady told his "life protectors" to go ahead and take a shot, but don't shoot em for real. I ain't necessarily mad at you.

Reparations on the Way

Go ahead, you can laugh...I came across this flyer at the GAS STATION, and thought to myself what is the world coming too. If the much heralded and empathetic U.S.A. (cough, cough) was really giving out reparations then i guarantee you would not be buzzing in through a 313 number. So whomever created this flyer needs to be a little wittier with their master plan.

The part that startled me the most was the usage of "Afro" on this solicitation. Do people still use that word? In the heart of Detroit, a city which is probably 95 percent (speculation) I can assure you that none of us say "Afro", therefore I am led to believe this was done by an outsider. You are probably grasping the realization that i thought this was absurd on so many levels. Additionally, if the Obama administration or even the former was really giving out reparations would it really be exclusively on a concrete post at the gas station, no commercials, radio or tv huh? Things like this really tar my feathers, because there is clearly intent to run a scam on people who are essentially your neighbors.

People who exert effort into futile and deceitful efforts will obviously never learn that they could do so much more if they put that effort into something positive or an endeavor with some sustainability that would keep them from obtaining an inmate number. I could only shake my head, when will we get it together.